Date / Location

November 13, 2016
Akihabara UDX 2nd Floor Event space AKIBA SQUARE

Please direct any and all questions regarding Digital Game Expo to the Digital Game Expo Preparation Committee. In particular, we ask that you please do not send inquiries to the AKIBA_SQUARE offices.

Entrance Method

Each visitor is required to purchase a catalogue for entrance. Catalogue would act as an entrance ticket.
When entering, please clearly present a catalogue to a staff.
Catalogue is not required for child under age of 6.
Please read “Entrance for Children” for further information
There are possibility that a que is created for organized entrance. If so, please follow staff’s instructions carefully.

Purchasing a Catalogue

Onsite Purchase

There will be a box-office. Please purchase a catalogue before entering. Price will be 1000 yen(tax included).

Pre-Event Purchase

Catalogue would be consigned to following dealers. It is advised to purchase the catalogue beforehand. Price is 1,000 yen (+tax). The selling is expected to begin on 14th of October.

Catalogue Dealer (As of 24,Oct.)

  • Dealer may go out of stock around a week before the event. If you are planning a pre-event purchase, please purchase it in advance.
  • It is possible that the dealers do not or, outside of Kanto region. It is advised that customer living outside of Kanto region purchase product online.

Arrival Time

Arrival in early morning is strictly prohibited. Also, please avoid marauding, trashing, making noise from early morning, and/or doing any other form of nuisance.


The facility is all-non-smoking area and fire is prohibited inside the event hall. There aren’t any smoking space in or around the facility.
The surrounding areas of the event hall is in Chiyoda City’s Non-Smoking Regulated Area. You are prohibited to smoke outdoor.
If you must smoke, please use smoking space near JR Akihabara Station Central Exit, or smoking space next to Chuou-doori Akihabara MAD.

Smoking area is also used by non-events participants. Please make sure that other people’s experience is not disturbed.


After the start of the event, please use toilets inside the hall.

Food and Drinks

No eating/drinking is permitted inside the venue hall. Please use cafés and restaurants in the surrounding area.
When rehydrating, please do not block passage of other personals.

cafés and restaurants in surrounding area is also used by non-EXPO customers. Please do not disturb other customer’s experience.

Parking and ATMs

There are no parking assigned for the venue. Please come by public transports such as busses and trains.
There are no ATMs inside the event hall. Please use banks and Convenient Stores in surrounding area.

Prohibited Items

Hazardous Materials and other illegal items are strictly prohibited from bringing it into the event.
Also, staff may prohibit items from bringing it into the event for safety concerns.


No cosplays are allowed for general visitors.

here are no changing rooms in the venue facility. Please do not get change/get dressed in nearby toilets. Also, please do not enter the event wearing public uniforms.

Please take off helmets and other items which restricts facial recognition and items which may cause concerns in movement inside the hall.

Moving inside the venue

Please do not attach anything to luggage which may cause problems to other people.
When event hall is crowded please listen to staff’s direction and ensure a safe traffic.

About Trash

There are no trash bin inside the event hall. Please keep your trash with you during the event.
Also, it is prohibited to throwaway trash in nearby shops.

Recording, Photograph and Streaming of the Event

When recording or taking photograph inside the event, please do so with permission from the subject. When using data for Website/blogs, please insert mosaics or related effects for unpermitted people to prevent troubles.
No live streaming is allowed inside/surrounding area of the event.
When having a request for press coverage, please contact the preparation committee.

Headphones and Earphones

Having headphones and earphones on might cause unnecessary risks of not hearing announcements and staff’s directions. Unless necessary, please avoid using it during the event.

If wearing earphone-type hearing aids, please noticed the staff about it.

Entrance for children

The hall during the event is expected to be very crowded and therefore, very dangerous. It is advised that you do not bring child under age of 6.
If you must bring your child with you, please do so with your own risk.

Please insure that every child has information cards/emergency contact even if the child is over 6. Entrance with strollers are strictly prohibited.